Generator, Artistic coordinator 2014-2015.
STATION Service for contemporary dance, co-founder and programm coorinator 2006-2015.
KONDENZ Performing arts Festival, co-founder, co-curator and organiser 2008-2015.
Nomad Dance Academy, co-founder, member of Artistic Board, coordinator 2007-2012.
"Puzzle", initiator and coordinator 2009.
"Lab for new dance", initiator and coordinator 2009.
"Fast forward", coordinator 2009.
"Transwarp Beograd 2009", organizer 2009.
"Resonance", curator and cooridinator 2007.
"Crossart", initiator and coordinator 2007.
"Fostering creativity", initiator, coordinator and mentor 2006.
Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, artstic director 2006-2008.
Contemporary dance workshops, initiator and organiser 2005-2007.