The author deliberately destroys the conventional relation between performer and the audience, offering a chance to the audience members to create specific duets together with the author from the given propositions. The author creates and changes her own process trough communication and feedback of the audience members. In the intimate encounter with dangerously close performer, the spectator is invited to understand his/her own expectations: he/she is invited to realize it or simply talk with the author.

The aspect of the control over the performance has been manipulated in the second space in which the very own presence of the audience within the performing situation has been complicated and structurally defined…
The audience is watching the meeting of the author and the single member of the audience on video screens (but without a sound) and listening a sound interpretation of the viewed given by the interpreter of the duets.

The spectators can construct their own event from the given media, share it or problematise it with other spectators. Manipulation, different possibility of perception, sensation of the same situation are widening the space of interpretation in to infinity, while the communication between the spectators in its rejected, neglected aspect surprisingly starts to exist as a model of some simulated, new, real performing action….