So yes, indeed, WE ARE TOO MANY, but the question
persist - too many for what? In the actual encounter with the audience, with innumerable eyes of all those who do not know
any of the above, we will have to find provisional answer to this uncomfortably question. And by confronting the dilemma
together with spectators, implicating strangers in our own "meaningless" multitude, we will, hopefully discover
content and form, not only for this performance, but for many
performances to come. Because, in a world made of accidental and fleeting encounters,

* * *
It is a deliberate decision of Dalija Aćin to enter a production of this performance without preconceived thematic framework. Instead of making a piece ABOUT something/anything she shifted her attention and interest toward the personalities of people she have invited to step in, not because these people are particular kind of performers (none of them is) but because they are particular kind of human beings. As if this is not complicated enough, she also chose a people that are apart from being extraordinary personalities, also, very well known makers themselves, of her own generation – theatre directors, dramaturge, playwright and a queer activist.
Igor Dobričić