Baby Space
/ Gallery 12 HUB, Belgrade, Serbia
choreographed installation for babies 3-18 months / 2015

Concept, space design and choreography: Dalija Aćin Thelander
Performed by Ana Ignjatović Zagorac and Milica Pisić
Music: Anja Djordjević
Poetry: Maja Pelević
Voice: Vladislava Djordjević

Produced by Station Service for Contemporary Dance
and Gallery 12 HUB
Premiered on january 16th, Belgrade, Serbia

Baby Space is created as enjoyable and safe artistic environment which offers to infants and adults an extraordinary experience.  The space itself, its specificity and its contents, stimulate all the senses by combining visual arts, dance, music and poetry. All the elements are carefully brought together to introduce the setting for exceptional artistic and social experience – stimulating the perception of the youngest ones, encouraging interaction, sparking their curiosity and triggering exploration.  Baby Space secures the conditions for the cherished moments of relaxation and gives memorable time to all.

Baby Space functions in two ways: as an installation - accessible for visit for several hours a day and as a dance performance inside the installation - scheduled at certain hours.
The installation space is clearly separated from the surroundings and this installation consist of three different, connected spaces. Its interior is made of soft and resilient material that is pleasant and smooth to touch.  It contains soft objects of a various size for playing and enjoying.

Music and poetry created for the project is constant in the space and choreography, performed by dancers, takes place at the certain time of the day.