Baby space
Choreographed installation for babies

Concept and space: Dalija Aćin
Poetry: Maja Pelević
Sound and music: Anja Djordjević
Voice: Vladislava Djordjević

Produced by: Mixer Festival, Parobrod,
Station Service for contemporary Dance

in collaboration with Dorijan Kolundzija 2011

Baby Space is a project conceived as an audio visual installation aiming to offer the exceptional experience to the youngest audience, their parents as well as all grown ups.

The installation space, visually entirely isolated from the surroundings, is consisted of 3 spaces with the different contents. Interior is made out from the soft fabrics and it is filled with the soft objects which are used for playing, sitting and constructing.
The sound is common for the entire installation while the visual and the tactile contents differ as each segment of the space stimulates the perception in different way.

Music is consisted of ambient sounds, sounds of the nature as well as of music composed specially for this project. Poetry written for this project is composed into songs.

Video material is consisted of short films projected on the different surfaces of the space containing the abstract forms, as well as the common shapes.

The contents are repetitive.
The installation is accessible during several hours.