Book of wandering
Performance for children age 1+

Choreography and directing: Dalija Aćin
Concept: Dalija Aćin and Maja Pelević
Peformed by: Ana Ignjatović/Milica Pisić, Damjan Kecojević, Dalija Aćin

Produced by: Little Theatre Duško Radović, Belgrade

Festivals and guest performing: TIBA Internation Festival 2009, Begrade (SRB), Bitef Polifona 2008

Duration: 45min

The Book of wandering is unique dance performance created in a special visual enviroment aiming to invite youngest audience to experience a different form of theatre as well as dance theatre.
Audience shares the same space with the performers. Without the usual border between the stage and auditorium, audience is invited to participate in the adventure, dance together with the performers as well as play the games with them.
Combining the dance and the text as a means of communication performance tells the story about the friends going on a quest...

2010. KIJIMUNA FEST, Okinava, Japan; Granship Fest, Sizuoka, Japan; Assi Fest, Seul, Korea; KIFT Festival, Geochang, Korea; 2009. ZLANTA PALIČICA Slovenia, Ljubljana; POZORIŠNI VAL Montenegro, Petrovac
Special award of international festival TIBA Belgrade, Serbia and Silver Laurel Wreath Award for Best Performance of the Children Festival MESS, Sarajevo, Bosnia