Concept and choreography: Dalija Aćin
Dancers: Ana Ignjatović, Marko Milić, Dalija Aćin
Costumes: Ana Zarubica, Dalija Aćin
Graphic design: Mihailo Rsumović

Produced by: Belgrade Drama Theatre

Festivals and guest performing: Dance Meeting, Dures (AL), INFANT, Novi Sad (SRB), KIC Budo Tomović, Podgorica (MNE)

Duration: 50min

Never accept yourself - surely you would have been better if you were somebody else
Dalija Aćin

is a game we play against ourselves
is a game of possibilities and impossibilities
is a game for and against our own body
is a game of acceptance and rejection
is a game in which desires cause vulnerability
is a game in which we win and lose at the same time