A collaborative platform for development
of dance theater for children in the Balkan region

Artistic coordinator 2014-2015

Generator is a two years collaborative project that aspires to contribute to the development of performing arts for young audiences in the Balkan region, involving partners from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Generator is focused on potentials that performing arts and its related practices have, and their ability to communicate with children, introduce and renegotiate systems of valorization as well as address relevant and sensitive issues from diverse perspectives. Through research, meetings, laboratories, workshops, public discussions and presentations Generator aims at securing conditions for research and development of diverse modules for innovative creative working for and with children.

The main goal is to empower cultural and educational sectors with knowledge and practical models of work with and for children and to establish and develop sustainable connections between education and artistic sectors. It is to be done through mobilization of the existing actors and initiatives and through a common focus: a network of experts, user-friendly tools, easily accessible communication platform and an offer of production models to be further explored. The artistic goals are to sensibilize and educate artists for work with and for children and to contribute to revalorisation of values, artistic and educational methodologies dominant in the system.