This is not what you think it is

Concept and choreography: Dalija Aćin
Dramaturgy: Maja Pelević
Performed by: Dejan Ivanić, Gorana Marković, Gojko Burzanović, Jadranka Mamić, Mišo Obradović,
Olivera Vuković, Slavko Kalezić i Žaklina Oštir

Duration: 1h 20min

Produced by: Montenegrin National Theatre,
Podgorica, Monetenegro

This performance deals with the actors relation toward his body and dance, the relation of the individual and the group and also the relation between the actor and the audience. It examines the question of truth and intimate in the theatre, the relation between possibilities and impossibilities, it deals with virtuosity and the question of successful and unsuccessful performance.

The performance itself does not tell a story in a usual dramatic/theatrical way, there is no plot that connects the characters and the scenes. The thing that connects the characters are the relations inside the scenes, the meanings that they deal with and which they examine..
This is a performance where the actors play themselves through examining their position at the moment of playing. This is a performance that permits impossibilities, weakness and mistakes while it opens a possibility of a different presence on scene...