Echoes of silence

Performed by: Ana Ignjatović, Predrag Rakić, Dalija Aćin
Music by: Andrej Aćin

Produced by: BITEF Theatre Belgrade

Festivals and guest performing: BITEF, Belgrade (SER), Play Serbia, Lepzig (DE)

Duration: 50 min

"...we enter a passion as if entering into religion or beginning the mystical journey. We eliminate the world and confine ourselves into a cell with the image of a beloved creature. The Devil sits in the cornere. He just sits there doing nothing, waiting for you. He comprehends the logic of passion. He waits for your deepest torment, his only remedy. Now he stopes grinnig, he puts himself to his work, lurking at your face for the first signs of anguish. What will happen to your happiness? Why do you miss your beloved one? Why does the image you once worshipped fades away? Wouldn't the beloved one desert you f you let it be free? Even if you confined it wouldn't it suffer or perhaps even turn to hate you? Will you at that moment accusse him/her of injustice that he/she is no more responsible for than youare responsible for the chioce you made?"
Denis de Rougemont