Peep sorrow

Concept and choreography: Dalija Aćin
Performed by: Ana Ignjatović/Milica Pisić and Dalija Aćin
Music: Andrej Aćin

Produced by Dalija Aćin

Festivals and guest performing: West_where 2009, Zvrk Festival 2009, Sarajevo (BIH) Kanjiza, IFA 2007 Polverigi (IT), Theatre Philippe Gerard 2007, Orleans (FR), (SRB) Tanz Im August 2002, Berlin (DE), Tanztendenzen, Greifsfald (DE), Mladi Levi, Ljubljana (SLO), Balkan Dance Platform 2002, Sofia (BG), Beo Fest, Bolonia (IT)

Duration: 14 min

Peep sorrow deals with the aspects of the
human need for seeing into other people lives.
In this context it also deals
with the sexuality, intimacy and politics.