Concept, text/choreography and lights: Dalija Aćin Thelander (RS/SE)
Voice: Kristiina Viiala (FI/SE)
In a dialog with Mala Kline (SI)
Sound installation: 'Flipsides' by Tian Rotvel

Performed solely by the audience
Premiere: April 1st 2014

Supported by: Weld, Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad, Konstnärsnämnden, apap - advancing performing arts project, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Stockholm University of Dance and Circus

Recollections is a choreographed environment created for audience to mediate with and share with others. It proposes an experience which they are invited to carry out. It entrusts them with a text to follow, to perform and embody it – however they choose to understand performing and embodiment. It opens multiple spaces for wandering between visible and invisible, private and public, comfort and complaisance. It invites audience to negotiate, to drift away or enforce, to take up with or abandon. Recollections designs unrestrained zone. It addressed the responsibility and welcomes the uncertainty and chance. Audience's interpretation of what is proposed to them, their choices and their involvement will inevitably influence their experience and co-create the experience of other/s.

Recollections is not about fulfillment.
It is contemplation and mediation.

Recollections is a choreography. But it is also an opportunity to recollect the self, the other, space, time and... everything else in-between.