International artistic laboratory

(Switzerland, Poland, Serbia)
STATION, Belgrade

curator and cooridinator 2007.

The project "Resonance" emerged from the ongoing trends in the European contemporary dance and cultural scene in general for more artistic and intercultural communication, needs for better knowledge of different European culturescapes, needs for more exchange (both international and inter-professional) and natural broadening of artists' field of action.

"Resonance" brings together Serbian, Polish and Swiss choreographers, contemporary visual and new media artists, musicians and art theoreticians who are interested in the issues like body, movement, dance, moving image or similar concepts and who want to experiment with the experiences of other art fields in developing their own ideas. A form of laboratory has been proposed as a research-based creation process. Program is consisted of training sessions, group discussions, individual sessions, laboratory work/research (improvisation sessions, rehearsals…), reflections related to process and developed materials, visits of local institutions and venues, meetings with other artists, professionals, lectures of invited artists and experts, personal of group diary...