Certain very important matters

Concept and choreography: Dalija Aćin
Dramaturgy and poetry: Maja Pelević
Stage and costume design: Zorana Petrov i Dalija Aćin
Music: Anja Đorđević
Stage design assistant: Miloš Radovanović

Performers: Ana Dubljević, Ana Ignjatović- Zagorac,
Dalija Aćin, Vladislava Đorđević

Sponsored by: Belgrade City Assembly - Secretariat for Culture
Project support: Palilula Municipality
Executive production: Little theatre "Duško Radović"

The Performance Some Very Important Matters was created with a wish to stimulate the perception of the youngest audience and their interactivity with it through motion, dance, music, touch and

poetry, in an ambience / installation quite out of the ordinary. Unlike customary narratives, performances, fairy tales and stories for children, which mostly imply the solution of some problem, conflict or overcoming of an obstacle, this performance strives to speak of love, solely in the affirmative and stimulates the senses through a specific visual and auditory experience.

This team of authors has already started this type of investigation in the preparation of the performance The Book of Wandering. We believe that it is necessary to offer a new, extraordinary experience and perception to the youngest audience, unlike the uniform, brutal and impoverished everyday life which often leads to aggression, alienation and lack of intimacy. In order to offer the audience the freedom to choose to experience this performance in the manner which suits them best on the spur of the moment, it calls for interactivity (without insisting on it), and the space in which it takes place nullifies the customary division between the stage and the auditorium. This creates a space of freedom where every spectator is given the right to choose his/her own perspective and experience his/her own "very important thing".
Dalija Aćin i Maja Pelević