Exercise Book for Choreography of Attention
'Point of No Return'

Concept, choreography: Dalija Aćin Thelander
Drawings performed on choreographic assignment: Siniša Ilić
Graphic design and layout performed on choreographic assignment: Katarina Popović
Produced by Station,
Service for contemporary dance, Belgrade 2012

Exercise for Choreography of Attention 'Point of no Return' is a joint work which aspires to contribute to the notion of an expanded choreographic practice. Developing the work, the artists translated the dancer‐choreographer roles to a setting where the choreographer created frameworks that were used by the visual artist to generate material. Through collaborative editing of the material the choreography was gradually composed. As a final stage the graphic design and layout was performed based on assignments given by the choreographer.

In Exercise for Choreography of Attention 'Point of no Return' the texts and drawings created in the process of working are collected in a book, while the performance itself is performed by the audience alone and takes place in two spaces: in the individual space between the reader and the book; in their direct contact and touch, as well as in the act of collective performance of a group of readers in the theater venue.

The performance, which combines individual and collective act of performing in a proposed set up, is based on choreography as an attempt to direct attention through arbitrarily set proposals of the performance text and drawings in the book.

Exercise can be performed in the frame of various set ups which concern the space (gallery space, theatre stage, auditorium space, site specific, library), number of the audience, position of the audience, instructions for the audience, duration etc.